Direct mail marketing


Companies and businesses never measure and scale their existing sales funnels; above 70% of leads never convert into consumers, which mean a massive loss of efforts and revenue.

In the early 90s, digital marketing was not very popular, and only direct mail marketing was the source of business promotions. Gone are the days when emails used to be checked frequently, but thousands of emails are now lying in your mailbox as ‘Spam’ and ‘Unread.’

You can incorporate print Mail API and many effective strategies like PPC, CTAs, and smart pop-ups into your business marketing campaigns.

Direct mail marketing

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In simple words, we’re mentioning the most effective marketing strategies for improving your conversion rates in 2021.

The Ideal Marketing Strategies For Improving Conversion Rates Of Your Business

Direct Mail Marketing

Believe it or not, those days are gone when direct mail marketing used to be considered irrelevant in front of other digital marketing strategies. Regardless of business type and what products/services you provide, most of your existing and potential consumers are online.

Print Mail API is cost-effective, and email marketing is inexpensive and easy compared to paid email lists. Undoubtedly, direct mail marketing is still a crucial tool for enhancing the engagement rate of your business.

This crucial tool is ideal for printing numerous marketing materials that will grab your consumers’ attention. Using Print Mail API (direct mail marketing tool), you can automatically link your email list to your CRM and other marketing platforms. With this, you can customize your email and send them directly to the consumers depending on the action and response rate.

Direct mail marketing

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Design Killer Call To Action (CTAs)

As direct mail marketing improves your conversion rate, the same can happen by focusing more on curating some engaging CTAs. CTAs are primarily present in the conversion funnel’s footer section, which acts like a ‘shortcut’ for fueling your conversion rates. When your CTAs are compelling, users would prefer taking these shortcuts. 

  • Double Call To Actions (CTAs)

Two different CTAs are strategically placed on your landing pages and conversion funnels for motivating your viewers to use these shortcuts.

  • Compelling Design

When your CTAs feature eye-catching and attractive designs, they won’t be ignored by anyone.

Using The Smart Pop-Ups

According to various reports, smart pop-ups having good content are likely to get 40% more conversion rates.

Direct mail marketing

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There are various types of smart pop-ups like delayed pop-ups, sign-up pop-ups, push-up, and push-down pop-ups, and exit-intent pop-ups. Generally, pop-ups are known for increasing the number of subscribers in your email list. You can incorporate smart pop-ups during the festive sale period and promotional offers.

As per various reports, smart pop-ups having engaging content often leads to better engagement. Nevertheless, the CTA copy and headline still remain the crucial components of the smart pop-ups.

Final Thoughts

Do all these strategies sound complicated to you? Believe us; they are super easy; it’s just you have to practice. Your ultimate goals should be lead generation and simultaneously improving your website content. Think about your goals, scale and measure your funnels, and let your conversion rates touch the sky!

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