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Do you know how much start-ups, industrialists, small businesses, and multinational companies are making from promoting their products/services on YouTube and Instagram? Not millions, they are making billions, and soon the figures will turn to trillions.

YouTube influencer

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Despite Covid-19, many start-ups and multinational companies like Tesla and Reliance Industries increased their wealth by billions. So which platform do you prefer for promoting your brand and doing business?

Instagram or YouTube? That’s a tough decision, but this post might answer all your questions.

How Are Brands Using YouTube For Collaborations And Business Promotions?

See, there are numerous ways by which businesses are making money by staying active on YouTube. In our opinion, if you’re planning to use YouTube for promotions, you’ll undoubtedly get success.

The most basic way businesses using YouTube for promotions is by launching their YouTube channels, making videos about their products, and giving additional discounts to their subscribers.

The next and the most popular way every brand is using is collaborating with different YouTube influencers. Smartphone brands first started this trend, and later, Zomato, Amazon, Mama Earth, Nykaa, and various other brands followed the same path.

Such indirect promotional videos actually boost the customer base and also drive organic traffic to your brand.

The next way is the YouTube ads which is a pretty innovative approach by the brand that actually doesn’t guarantee sales but a higher engagement rate.

Some Brands Who Are Rocking YouTube Marketing Perfectly

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LinkedIn- If someone wants to succeed in the corporate world, he should build his portfolio on Linkedln. LinkedIn is not connecting with influencers, either they are running short promotional ads of 15-20 seconds on YouTube channels related to jobs and recruitment services.

Mama Earth– Mama Earth is India’s one of the most loved skincare products collaborating with various lifestyle, fashion, and travel vloggers for promotions. They have collaborated with Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee (Flying Beast) and Nikhil Sharma (Mumbiker Nikhil), and many other influencers.

Zomato– Like Linkedln, Zomato is also running promotional videos on channels of different genres, especially in the festive season. Zomato has taken one step ahead and also invested in the banner ads.

How Are Brands Doing Business Promotions On Instagram?

After the collaboration of YouTube and Instagram, this platform has gained huge popularity in the past five years. The simple and interactive interface grabs the attention of the users. Many skincare and fashion brands are more active on Instagram instead of Facebook and YouTube for promotions.

The key features of Instagram, like Live Broadcasts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels, allows you to create some good content for promotions. Instagram is a one-stop destination where you can make sales, increase your brand reputation, boost your customer base, and even collaborate with other influencers.

If you prefer targeting the younger audience, Instagram should be your ideal platform. Beauty, fashion, fitness, and innerwear brands are highly active on Instagram for promotions.

Some Popular Brands Using Instagram For Promotions

Mama Earth- Again, one of the best Indian skincare brands delivering quality and organic products to Indian consumers. Mama Earth recently collaborated with Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps) for promoting their latest arrivals using Instagram Reels.

Max Fashion– The Dubai-based fashion brand has collaborated with multiple fashion influencers; one of them is Kritika Khurana (That Boho Girl). She has promoted Max Fashion clothes through short promotional videos and sharing unbiased reviews on her social media handles.

MyFitness– MyFitness is the peanut butter brand owned by Sahil Khan, Bollywood actor, fitness and lifestyle influencer, and ‘Indian Youth Icon.’ MyFitness collaborated with popular Indian television actress and TikTok star Jannat Zubair Rahmani by tagging her on their social media handles.

Instagram Vs. YouTube: Which Is Best For Your Business?

If your brand is related to skincare, gaming, fashion, and entertainment, YouTube is best because people are more engaged with the influencers than Facebook and Instagram. Start-ups can work with YouTube influencers and undoubtedly get some results within a short period.

Instagram is best for boosting the visibility of your brand. If your brand is already well-settled in the market and you’re prioritizing marketing campaigns, Instagram is the best. You don’t have to curate content; again and again, the previous content can be modified and used for promotions.

Final Words

In a nutshell, Instagram and YouTube are the best platforms for marketing, but choosing the best one for your brand depends on multiple aspects. Promotions on Instagram are cheaper compared to YouTube, but the engagement rate and ROI might be different.

In our opinion, determine your goals and requirements choose the best platform and run your campaigns.

So did you select YouTube or Instagram for promotions? Let us know in the comment section!

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